Last Words

Campaign Achievements

Sustaining an unfunded campaign, run by volunteers, was an achievement in its own right.

Although we failed to stop Cefn Croes, we raised consciousness and disseminated information about the folly of an energy policy which pushes commercial wind turbines:

greenbullet The website remains available, for the record.
greenbullet Thousands of letters were sent, to national and local newspapers, councillors, MPs, Assembly Members, and civil servants.
greenbullet The book The Battle for Cefn Croes is still available to read – click here.
greenbullet We gave oral evidence at two public enquiries – Whinash and Rhos-y-garn, and both windfarms were rejected. Written evidence was submitted to several others.
greenbullet Formal consultation responses to energy and planning policy documents were sent to various government departments, select committees, the National Assembly for Wales, Forestry Commission, RSPB, and Countryside Council for Wales.
greenbullet Public meetings in Ammanford, Talgarreg, Corwen, Hereford, Knighton, Carno, and Llanbadarn Fynydd were attended, and contributions made to them.
greenbullet Articles were written for ECOS magazine (BANC), Rural Wales (Campaign for the Protection of Rural Wales), Walking Wales, and the Cambrian Mountains Society newsletter. Interviews and filming opportunities were given.
greenbullet The government’s decision to approve Cefn Croes without a public inquiry was challenged through the courts, with a request for a judicial review in the High Court. We lost that, and were denied a public inquiry.
greenbullet A battle of attrition with the former DTI and the Information Commissioners’ Office resulted in the reluctant release of some information relating to the Cefn Croes decision, under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 and the Environmental Impact Regulations 2004.
greenbullet Formal complaints to the Information Commissioners’ Office were made against the Welsh Government and Forestry Commission Wales, seeking information regarding the legal advice for change of use of public forestry lands to windustry.
greenbullet A formal complaint was made to the European Commission regarding irreversible peat damage on Cefn Croes.

A Safe Home for the Cefn Croes Papers?

Ceredigion County Archive in Aberystwyth has been chosen as the final resting place for the 50+ boxes of files, letters, reports, consultation responses, photographs etc. of the campaign, and will be available for future political students and historians for research into this lunatic policy visited upon Wales.