BOOK – The Battle for Cefn Croes

How New Labour’s energy policy conspired to destroy the landscape of the Welsh Cambrian Mountains

Edited by Kaye Little
Publisher – Cefn Croes Publications
First published in 2003
ISBN 0-954 5341-0-7
Reference copies of the book are deposited in the British Library and the National Library of Wales, Aberystwyth.

Every effort has been made to ensure accuracy. Quotes can be backed up by newspaper reports, letters, radio and TV transcripts and from contemporaneous minutes. If, however, any mistakes have been made, the editor accepts full responsibility and any complaints should be addressed to her care of the publishers.

Errata: Since publication, the editor has been made aware of a numerical error in Chapter 10, page 135. Only 13,600 RSPB members have subscribed to the “RSPB Energy” scheme, not “millions of householders” as stated.


Chapter 1 The Developers
Chapter 2 Ceredigion County Council
Chapter 3 The Forestry Commission
Chapter 4 The National Assembly for Wales
Chapter 5 The Department of Trade and Industry
Chapter 6 The Ministry of Defence
Chapter 7 The Countryside Council for Wales
Chapter 8 The Wales Tourist Board
Chapter 9 Friends of the Earth
Chapter 10 The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds
Chapter 11 The Legal Challenge
Chapter 12 Unanswered Questions and the Conspiracy Theory
Chapter 13 The Science, Technology and Exploitation of Wind Energy
Appendix 1 Map
Appendix 2 Diagram of wind turbine – size relative to common features
Appendix 3 Abbreviations
Appendix 4 Useful addresses
Appendix 5 References
Appendix 6 Timetable