Wind Protest – St. David’s Day 2003


Daffodils jostled with wind turbine mock-ups during the St Davids Day protest against the Cefn Croes wind power station, at The Arch car park, between Devils Bridge and Cwmystwyth.

On behalf of the Cefn Croes Action Group, Dr Kaye Little addressed the 30 wind turbine opponents and thanked them for their support during the three year long campaign which was eventually lost in the High Courts of Justice in London last November.

“We have lost the battle for Cefn Croes the first Welsh wind power station on publicly owned land, managed by Forest Enterprise for the National Assembly, but the war goes on. Unbridled private car ownership and recreational air travel create more greenhouse gas emissions than the flailing blades of these monster machines will ever save. We will demonstrate against the developers excavators when they move in to dig the foundations , and we shall fight the Camddwr proposals in Wales heartland.”

Dr Little thanked Nick Bourne, Assembly Member for Mid and West Wales who has been a staunch opponent of turbines in the Cambrians, and who secured a debate in the National Assembly in February last year, without which the issue would not have been addressed in Cardiff.

In his address, Mr Bourne stressed that this was not a party political issue, but that everyone should pull together to oppose the Welsh mountains being ruined by wind power stations .


He said “If the proposal had been to build 39 wind turbines, each 100 metres tall, on the South Downs or the Chilterns, instead of here at Cefn Croes, it would never have happened. It would not have happened if Ceredigion County Council had followed the advice of the Countryside Council for Wales which said the development was “inappropriate because of its detrimental effect on the landscape”.

“How many people in Wales would welcome higher electricity prices and unpredictable production of energy in exchange for the virtual desecration of the Cambrian Mountains. The effect on tourism can only be negative. Tourists to Mid and West Wales come to see the unspoilt beauty of our countryside, not mile after mile of giant steel turbines”.

Mr Bourne concluded by reminding us all to press for the powers of decision on large power stations to be transferred from Westminster to the National Assembly.

Click here for the full text of Nick Bourne’s speech

Members of the Pentre Tump Campaign Group, opposed to the Windworks turbines close to the A44 near New Radnor exhorted campaigners to protest to Powys County Council.

Dr Stephen Briggs then spoke on behalf of the Campaign for the Protection of Rural Wales, and emphasised the destructive effects of wind turbines.. He and his family had personal experience of the damaging noise effects of the Llangwryfon turbines.

Dafydd Dafis, President and founder member of Cymdeithas Edward Lwyd, the Welsh natural history society formed 25 years ago told those present that the Cymdeithas was opposed to the destruction of the Welsh landscape with turbines.

One protester stated that the only way to save the Cambrian Mountains from further destruction would be for the National Assembly to speedily designate the area as a National Park.

march2After a picnic, the group commenced the climb to Pen-y-Garn (610 metres) to view for the last time the beautiful unspoilt Cefn Croes plateau with far-reaching views toward Cader Idris, Pumlumon and the Montgomeryshire Uplands – a remote mountain landscape, which will be lost forever.

Red kites wheeled overhead and buzzards mewed. A sad St. David’s Day for a final farewell.